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Us Commemorative Coins

The World Trade Center US Commemorative Coins Own A Part of Our History

We will never forget 9-11.2001.  We have to remember those lost in one of the most tragic days in American history.  Remember this day in history by getting your own world trade center commemorative coin.  While this was such a tragic day in history now there is an excellent way to pay tribute to those lost on September, 11, 2001. Approaching the 10th year anniversary, the coin gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we have come since this tragedy.

US Commemorative Coins Limited US Commemorative Sets

Each coin is made from real recovery silver from extracted from ground zero and 24k gold. This 10th anniversary coin is made with 24k gold and silver recovered from ground zero, each coin comes through with its own certificate of authenticity.

The coin's unique design has a silver 3D sculpture of the twin towers on one side and on the other it is gold with the statements, "We Will Never Forget" and "Justice Will Prevail".   Since the silver being used to produce this collector's item will not always be available there is a 5 coin limit to each customer.   Reserve your world trade center coin today as supplies are limited.

US Commemorative Coins Limited US Commemorative Sets

As Americans it is essential to ensure history is remembered, we need to remember that as a country we were brought together by such a terrible event.   What a better to get your own piece of American history and pay tribute those affected by this American disaster.

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US Commemorative Coins Limited | US Commemorative Coin Sets - Own A Part of America's History!

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