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Silver Eagle Dollars

by Coin Collector

Silver Eagle Dollars | Silver Coins and Bullion! Silver Eagle Dollars – Collecting coins is a pastime or hobby and in many cases a business that goes back for centuries. However as of the past decade or so the world of coin collecting has grown in popularity dramatically. Silver Eagle Dollars – One reason for […]

Silver Dollar American Eagle

by Coin Collector

Silver Dollar American Eagle | Silver Coins and Bullion! Silver Dollar American Eagle Released 1986 by the United States Mint, the American Eagle Gold bullion Coins continue to be a first choice for thousands of investors and collectors. By law, these coins must be manufactured from sources within the United States. ┬áNo foreign gold can […]

Collecting Rare Coins Collecting rare coins is a interest for some and a career for others yet no matter what the reason collecting uncommon coins is a exhilarating venture. Many people start collecting coins since they really enjoy searching for old coins as well as because of the fulfillment the hobby gives when you discover […]

Evaluate Rare Coins Collecting Rare Coins A Profitable Venture if You Are An Informed Collector Learning how to evaluate rare coins is crucial to your success as a serious coin collector who is in this for profit. During times of economic hardship or political uncertainty, many individuals transform a portion of their success into gold. […]

Cleaning Rare Coins And Information Collecting and cleaning rare coins is not only popular but it’s like a mini history lesson. Some people find coins at trade shows or auction houses and others find rare coins on sites such as eBay. Before making a purchase, it’s always best to have the seller give you proof […]